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Girirsh Avhad is a self-made entrepreneur. With his utter dedication, hard work and will he became the MD of Kamal motors. He served the company with his remarkable managing skills. Not just that he has also been the MD at ESPL. Girish avhad acquired his education from Singhad College, Pune in mechanical engineering. With his special skills of project management, business strategies, team building and many more Mr. Avhad is currently the owner of Seyash Group. Mr. Girish is workaholic and as a matter of fact proves to be an asset for the country. With 11 years of incredible experience Mr. Avhad becomes to be one of the most renowned and reliable owners in the country. He, with his impeccable work made such imperative decisions of his life with ease and comfort. He has set an example of the best arrays of business development, strategies and smart work along with hard work.

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